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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 10, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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in denton, texas, richard. don't mess with texas going a little too far here or is it apropos? >> don't mess with texas. you can't open up these newspapers, take out all the advertisements and run away with those advertisements and coupons. she's going to get more prison time than casey anthony or lindsay lohan for stealing that necklace. >> that's right. she's involved in extreme couponing and she may actually be convicted of a crime. >> i actually inverted the number. it's actually a fine of up to $4,000 and up to one year in jail. >> 4,000 bucks, right. >> oh, my gosh. everything's big in texas. >> and a year in jail. unbelievable. >> you can catch our legal guys every saturday noon eastern right here in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- the u.s. is withholding $800 million in aid to pakistan. president obama's chief of staff confirmed the move today.
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william daley says pakistan has, quote, taken some steps that have given us reason to pause, end quote. the pakistani military tells cnn it has not been officially informed that aid from washington is being withheld. with the final edition of britain's popular tabloid "news of the world" on stands, rupert murdoch is hoping to limit the damage to his media empire. murdoch arrived in london today. his company's british subsidiary closed "news of the world" after reports the newspaper hacked the phone of a missing teenager who was later found dead. in india 13 cars in a packed train jumped the tracks today. rescue officials confirm 28 deaths already and say that number will likely rise as they search the wreckage. more than 100 people are reported hurt. and the public will have two chances to say good-bye to former first lady betty ford who died friday. the first service will be held tuesday in palm desert, california. the second, two days later in
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michigan. she will be laid to rest alongside her husband on the grounds of the ford presidential museum in grand rapids. atlantis, welcome to the international space station for the last time. >> so far, so good as the shuttle docks with the international space station. the four astronauts received a hearty welcome aboard from the station's current crew there. they have brought along a year's worth of supplies and it's going to take both crews about a week to unload it all. a critical meeting at the white house in exactly one hour from now. president obama will sit down with congressional leaders to restart stalled talks on reducing the deficit from the white house. there are live pictures. a deficit deal is tied to a proposal on raising the government's debt ceiling. the treasury department says the u.s. needs to raise that ceiling by august 2nd or risk defaulting
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on its loans. if that happens, here's how you might be affected. the dollar, the u.s. dollar may plummet and interest rates could skyrocket. the federal government says just a 1% rise in interest rates could cost taxpayers $973 billion over the next ten years. so no one wants that to happen. but reaching a deficit reduction deal aimed at avoiding raising the debt level in the future is proving difficult. republicans broke off talks last night over the issue of tax hikes. >> i'm tired of gimmicks. i'm tired of the budget tricks, the accounting tricks that go forward. this has to be an honest approach. we are at a threshold that we need to change. we are not losing jobs because our credit card didn't have a higher limit. we are losing our jobs because we are spending too much. it's not that difficult to do. we have sat in the room honestly with the democrats. we have moved forward with them all the way. they keep saying one thing. they want to raise more taxes.
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>> let me be clear. we have never said we're going to hold the united states' full faith and credit hostage to these discussions. the president has said that's a priority. we need to move forward. if you don't lift the debt ceiling every economist out there has said that the economy will tank. what is really appalling is to see our republican colleagues essentially providing a form of extortion. if you don't agree to deficit reduction the way we want it, we're going to put all these jobs at risk because we're going to allow the united states to default on its debt. that's irresponsible. >> president obama will try to bridge that huge bipartisan divide in less than an hour from now. cnn's dan lothian is at the white house right now. dan, what impact will this impasse on tax hikes have on the white house meeting and what strategy is the president expected to deliver on? >> reporter: well, look. it certainly raises the stakes for this meeting. puts a lot of pressure on these congressional leaders and the white house as they sit down and try to find some compromise.
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but this white house not planning on making any significant strategy shifts as you heard from secretary geithner on the sunday morning shows. you also heard from chief of staff daley the president will stick with his strategy going for that so-called big deal. up to $4 trillion for deficit reduction. why does the president want to do this? well, the white house believes that this is an opportunity for the president to essentially seize the moment to do something significant over the long haul and that now is not the time to back off, fredricka. >> and so the tone of these meetings may have already been set by all of these conferences, whether it be last night or earlier in the week. is there any wiggle room really on either side? >> reporter: well, i guess, you know, the answer to that will come perhaps after this meeting. and if we get a readout of the meeting, anything significant at least.
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look, there's clearly disappointment here because this is something that the white house believed was possible. they've been talking now for the last few days about significant progress being made. and so one official pointing out that they're disappointed that mr. boehner has decided to abandon this bigger deal. look, the white house has tried to reach some compromise here. we have talked all day about how the president has been willing based on all of our reporting to put social security and medicare on the table. something that's not popular with the left of his party. he's been getting a lot of pressure there. but the bottom line for republicans despite that gave is the raising of the taxes. even though the white house says wealthier americans need to pay more, that's something at this point republicans are not yet willing to embrace. >> dan lothian at the white house, thanks so much. appreciate that. let's go out to the west coast now. the duke and duchess of cambridge are wrapping up their three-day visit to california.
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we have been to some of the most prestigious and humble places in southern california. max foster has been covering the royal visit and keeping up with them throughout. you're right now in culver city. what's happening? >> reporter: fredricka, we just had prince william's speech here thanking the people of california, the great golden state as he called it. this is a jobs fair. he's been meeting some veterans here. it's all about linking up british and american armed forces. particularly families and spouses. a very, very busy weekend for them yet again. they keep going at these e vepts. yesterday morning they were playing polo, for example. prince william playing in a polo club in aid of a foundation. he won the trophy presented by his wife. he got a kiss as a reward which kept photographers happy. then we headed downtown in l.a. for a red carpet event sponsoring young british
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hollywood talent. we have some a-listers turning up to that as well. they were very excited about meeting the duke and duchess. the duchess didn't disappoint when she urn tuturned up in her alexander mcqueen dress, earrings lent to her by the queen. very, very glamorous saturday for the couple. less so on sunday, wrapping up this tour of l.a. >> now what? they will be heading back to the uk at about what time this evening? >> reporter: well, they're going 3:30 local time on a scheduled flight from los angeles. going back to the uk. the prince is very much looking forward to hiding away in their cottage in north wales. they've had a really crazy time. they've really enjoyed it. certainly it's been pretty relentless. i'm exhausted just following them. >> i'm exhausted and i'm not even there. thanks so much from culver city. inside a temple vault in india for century.
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story. >> reporter: in about the 1930s there was a search and apparently some snakes underfwround deterred them from looking further. how the treasure was amassed, was it royalty over the years? was it the trade routes? was it people paying homage to the gods? there's so many unanswered question. how exactly did the treasure amass? who ultimately does it go to? right now it's being guarded by the indian state, heavily guarded as you can imagine. imagine being somebody who had gone into the temple, been part of the temple and never thought to look. >> india's supreme court stopped the inspection of a final vault, citing security reasons. a lawyer also says an inventory and appraisal must be done. the u.s. is withholding $800 million in aid to pakistan. president obama's chief of staff confirmed the move today. william daley says pakistan has, quote, taken some steps that have given us reason to pause, end quote. the pakistani military tells cnn
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it has not been officially informed that aid from washington is being withheld. damascus, syria. this is where high level officials are hosting a so-called national dialogue with members of the anti-government opposition movement. syria's vice president is there. so are independent activists and academics. critics say the government just wants to stop the protests without really changing anything. take a look at this. chaos in the capital of bangladesh. riot police firing tear gas, protesters throwing rocks. the anger over a proposed change in the way officials are elected there. the country is virtually shut down after opposition groups declared a two-day general strike. a particularly shocking and reportedly well organized killing in central america is sending shock waves through central america and the latin american world of music. this is facundo cabral, 74 years
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old, from argentina. arguably one of latin america's most popular folk singers. he is dead today. the car he was riding in was riddled with bullets by gunmen in guatemala city yesterday. a crime not only extraordinary for its violence but for the list of questions it now raises. ralitsa vassileva is here now. he is hugely popular. no one can understand why or how he would be a target. >> absolutely. and while they're still investigating the president of guatemala is pointing the finger at organized crime, saying this is a very well orchestrated attack on his car. it seems though even though they're still investigating, that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. the intended target appears to be, according to guatemala's interior minister, the guy who was driving the car, his concert
2:15 pm
promoter, a businessman. he appears to have been the target. at the last moment he decides not to take the the shuttle to the airport but ride with him. >> thinking they were leaving on the next flight. >> between 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning leaving for the airport when three cars ambushed the suv, pumped it with more than 20 bullets and killed cabral, the driver, the promoter who police believe might have been the suspected target was injured, but he's in stable condition. he's managed to survive. >> that's incredible. eyewitnesses. clearly this was a very busy intersection, a busy place where all this took place. >> well, it was on the road to the airport. there was a car behind them with bodyguards who tried to shoot back. but they were not able to save them. >> oh, my goodness. >> and, as i mentioned, the president said that it appears to be organized crime.
2:16 pm
g guatemala has one of the highest crime rates in the world, at least in the region there, which has been exacerbated by the fact that drug gangs from mexico, it sits on mexico's southern border, have come in. they've taken over territory using it for drug trafficking. >> this folk singer hugely popular. >> hugely poppopular. there's so much sorrow. the president in guatemala has declared three days of mourning. they are people on social networks expressing sorrow, regret, also saying they're really ashameded this happened in their country. cabral is an argentinian. he was there giving a concert. >> in fact, the president of guatemala reaching out to the president of argentina saying, we are embarrassed, ashamed, so sorry. >> there are presidents who've expressed sorrow. a huge impact on the whole region. he rose to fame as a protest singer. then he switched more after the military dictatorship in argentina was toppled.
2:17 pm
he started singing more about love and peace and even was declared by unesco as a peace messenger to the world. rose to fame with a song that was recorded by julio iglesias and neil diamond called "not from here nor there." people might have heard that song. one of his most famous songs translated into nine languages. you can well imagine the impact that this killing has had. >> terribly tragic. ralitsa vassileva, thanks so much. no doubt you have seen these pictures, right? people running with the bulls in spain? i was wondering, why in the world? but guess what. this is not really running with the bulls. it's a slip slide of that taking a twist on it. the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ]
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welcome back. i'm cnn meteorologist jacqui jeras. we're tracking really nasty thunderstorms now across parts of the upper midwest. you can see there are watches in effect. we have had some reports of damage here from tornadoes in parts of south dakota and north dakota. dicky la, la more and ran some counties under warnings. these storms are continuing to move due east. to put nit in perspective, heres
2:20 pm
fargo. we'll continue to track the storms. let's talk about the whole threat area in general. you can see it's going to be spreading over towards the twin cities later tonight into des moines, milwaukee and chicago may see nasty thunderstorms in the overnight hours tonight as well. hail and damaging winds will be the primary concern, but we will see a couple of tornadoes out of this. second big weather headline today is the heat. it is brutal out there. i know it's summer but it's really dangerous. we've had a couple of heat related fatalities earlier in the week. for example, in dallas. and these warnings and advisories are going to stay into effect until about tuesday when we start to see some showers and thunderstorms pop up to provide a little bit of heat. in the meantime, kansas city, is it fact louis, look at the temperature. your body is feeling 110 in kansas city at this time and 96 in minneapolis. more about the heat in a half an hour. right now we're going to leave the weather center and head to the chat room right after this break.
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take a look at this. what would you do if you saw one of these. a high eer than normal amount o snow in high elevations is causing bears to spend time in lower elevations. one hiker was killed by a grizzly last week. and a person just got very frightened when they saw that black bear this weekend. now to new orleans where we find a twist on the whole running with the bulls concept. who needs to run the risk of getting gored by a real bull in spain when you can do this? pretend to be a bull?
2:23 pm
i don't know. get back at the people who generally run? >> it's new orleans. >> they call this bull session. this is the fifth running of the nola bull. that's funny. now to a baseball milestone this weekend. we witnessed derek jeter become the first new york yankee to hit 3,000. and guess what? that one was a homer. what you may not know is the fan who caught the ball returned it to jeter saying, quote, he earned it. oh, my gosh. how nice. that ball may be worth thousands. >> maybe not worth anything like that anymore. >> congra congrats to jederek jeter. >> we're in the chat room now, looking at lighter things. we've got some fun stuff. some fun and a little
2:24 pm
frightening. >> have you ever done anything in your past where you said to yourself, you just feel guilty about it? when we're young we all do stupid stuff, right, every now and then? some guy is trying to make up for it in grand rapids, michigan. >> they decided to send a note and five $20 bill. minor vandalism. may have involved a street sign or something like that. can't really remember. but there may have been some damage done. here's 100 bucks. >> i know. he says he doesn't even remember if he was the one that maybe stole the sign or just one of his buddies. but he knew it wasn't quite right. >> imagine, an envelope shows up at city hall with five $20 bill. there you go. >> now that person feels like they are at peace. the city says they will actually use the money to repair or replace a street sign. >> that was. >> reporter: very honest. very nice. cue the music nobody wants to
2:25 pm
hear. especially when you're going to the beach. i thought we were really going to cue the music. >> we can all do it. the "jaws" music. the great white sharks. they've been spotted again. happens every year. it's not a big shocker. >> people don't feel like they're spotting a great white every year. >> yeah. they see great whites every year up there. only a handful, though. last year i think there were six of them. >> all it takes is one. i'm out of there. if you see something like that. but it is happening, apparently, with some frequency up there in cape cod. apparently there are quite a few seals. that's the yummy delicacy of many great whites. if you see a seal somewhere in the water, don't get in there. >> sometimes they'll close the beach. they haven't done that yet this
2:26 pm
year. actually it's kind of good for tourism. people want to come out to the beach and see if they can see a great white. >> really? >> yeah. scientists are toing research, too. they're putting tracking devices on the great whites. last year six of them like i've mentioned. they've been able to track them down all the way to the coast of georgia and all the way down into the gulf of mexico. it's interesting. they're learning the tracking methods of great whites a little better by doing that. >> i'm still not trying to be in the water at the beach when there's a great white. >> you're more likely to get hit by lightning than get eaten by a shark. >> thank you, jacqui. let's talk about something else that's rather bizarre but a lot of fun. in all places boca raton. >> i guess folks have decided to get a little fancy in the area of toilet tissue. we've seen stuff out of duct tape before. i've never seen toilet paper.
2:27 pm
look at how beautiful that is, though. >> we should keep tags. we've actually done stories or talks in the chat room about people who have made wedding dresses and prom dresses out of duct tape. also the candy wrappers. remember that? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> now add toilet paper into the mix. >> how do you do that? that's great. nice. i'd take one of those. wouldn't you? just don't throw water on the bride. >> in the end it's all about some prize money. in this case i think it was $1,000. >> they've been doing it for a couple of years, i guess. >> fun stuff. we had a nice little variety of chatty stuff. repurposing. >> got it. >> all right, jacqui, appreciate that. thanks so much. the answer to the question i'm about to ask you, do you feel a little overworked? >> i'm back from vacation. i feel good. >> you feel refreshed. >> i'm ready to go for a while. >> for those of you who do feel a little overworked, try working
2:28 pm
less. we'll tell you how in today's reclaim your career.
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a look at our top stories right now. americans will have two chances to say good-bye to betty ford. a service for the former first lady will be held tuesday in palm desert, california. a second in grand rapids, michigan, on thursday. she will then be laid to rest next to her husband at the ford presidential library there. and in just about a half an hour from now, president obama will hold deficit talks with republican and democratic leaders at the white house. live pictures now. republicans broke off talks last night saying they will not consider tax hikes as part of any plan.
2:31 pm
the deficit deal is tied to a proposal to raise federal debt caps. the issue is fueling debate on the sunday morning talk shows. >> we reduced the budget in four months. the democrat controlled senate, it's been -- we laid out a reform to social security and medicare to save them. the president has not. from the premise that where republicans have been in the short time they've been in the majority, we've laid out a framework to put us on a new path. >> at the end of the tay what we're seeing the priority of our republican colleagues is not to get a deficit reduction deal. it's to protect special interest tax breaks for big corporations. we had the corporate jet loob hole. we have big oil and gas companies. then we have folks at the very top of the income ladder. i listened to my friend kevin say these are all small businesses. as you pointed out just isn't true. >> a surprising development out of washington today. the white house confirmed the u.s. is withholding $800 million
2:32 pm
in aid to pakistan. let's bring in our senior state department producer. pakistan is a major u.s. ally. this relationship is very tense right now. what's behind the move right now to withhold aid? >> that's right, fred. there's a couple of things at play here. part retaliation for basically not cooperating on terrorism. putting pressure on the pakistani government to do more. also pakistckistan threw out ab 100 army trainers after the u.s. raid on the bin laden compound. white house chief of staff bill daley on the talk shows this morning spoke about this. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> they have been an important ally in the fight on terrorism. they've been victim of enormous amounts of terrorism. but right now they have taken some steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid which we were giving to their military. and we're trying to work through
2:33 pm
that. it's a complicated relationship and a very difficult complicated part of the world. >> now, fred, that $800 million is about one-third of all u.s. security assistance to pakistan. where is it going? a couple hundred million of that, about $300 million, is to reimburse the pakistanis for some of the troops they sent to the border to combat al qaeda and the taliban. then there's also a lot of equipment that the u.s. can't get to pakistan if pakistan won't allow its personnel on the ground. because that aid and the personnel come as a package deal. >> okay. now you know there's less aid going to pakistan. you have to wonder what kind of trust or eroded trust might there be now between pakistan and the u.s. to work together from here on out? >> it's really bad. there's been a lot of tit for tat after that raid on bin laden. then the pakistanis threw out the american trainers denying the visas. now the u.s. is withholding aid. you've got to wonder, as you said, what is this going to
2:34 pm
mean, this continued tit for tat? in the past in previous years when the u.s. has withheld aid, it's been very bad. you've seen a lot of drone strikes against pakistan without pakistani cooperation. sometimes they do cooperate. but now i think you're going to see a lot of the u.s. kind of going it alone as it sends a message to pakistan as it did after 9/11. you're either with us or against us and you have to play if we're going to pay, basically. >> thanks so much from washington. appreciate that. all right. how do you work less without falling behind on the job in i'll have some tips. plus, i'll give you the big winners at the box office this weekend. all that right after this.
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what is that? oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? it just came to us. what? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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every week in our reclaim your career segment we focus on ways to get air head in the work force. what if you want to work less? last hour i talked to valorie burton, author of "where will you go from here?" she gave us tips on how you can realistically work less. for a lot of people they just realize there's more to life than work and they're trying to find ways to work less as opposed working more. >> this is for the person who has a job where there's some flexibility. >> hopefully. and for a lot of people it's about finding that level of flexibility. for some it's also -- they've got a family that's coming along and they don't want to work as much. >> how do you go about you're
2:38 pm
working 40 hours a week or more and somehow you want to i guess feel like you have more time for your life. does it mean simply restructuring your workweek? >> yes. a lot of it is restructuring. it's about -- a lot of people work hard but they don't work smart. you want to make sure that -- you have to break some of those bad habits. think about corporate america. people have so many meetings. maybe you need to rethink a meeting for everything. do we have a purpose for this meeting? to we know how long it's going to be? if you find yourself overworking but not necessarily more productive than your coworkers, first one in, last one out, that's a problem. >> that means you have to stand up and say we have too many meetings and you have to introduce an alternative so nobody thinks you're just somebody putting a poopoo on everything. technical term. >> yeah. real technical. one of the ways you can restruck your your day is to find a
2:39 pm
way to create appointments around whatever it is you're trying to do. if you've got a 5:30 workout session, you're more likely to leave work at 5:00. create structure that forces us out of the workplace. >> to be more productive. >> that's right. >> perhaps your company has a mantra where the more you work, the more rewards you get. >> you have to know your company. if you want to work less, one, know your company. know you might be at a company where that means no promotions or slow promotions. if you are okay with that because, for example, you want to focus on family right now, that may be fine. but there are a lot of companies right now, fred, that would welcome the opportunity for an employee to work less if they're able to pay them less and still have that impact. if you're able to downsize a bit or able to still pay your bills and you want to work less, you might be able to work something out with your employer to do that. >> that seems like there has to be some real strategy on how you talk to your boss. sfwl. >> yes. there has to be some strategy. think about it ahead. one of the questions you have to ask is can i afford to work less? you may make that a goal. know your number. how much do you need to have
2:40 pm
saved? how much is it that you would need to be bringing in every single month in order to work less. >> does it also mean asking yourself a question or two about whether this is the job for me or does it mean that it's time to switch careers because i want to be able to have more of a life outside of work? >> yes. that's the big question a lot of people find themselves at a crossroads. if you've had a layoff or things are happening at your job, sometimes that's a perfect time to re-evaluate your options. another great thing is to say, do i want to prepare myself for a career that's going to pay me more even if i work less? that might be a long-term solution that takes you a couple of years to get to because it requires training. sometimes switching careers is that best option to have more work life balance. >> valorie burton. transformers dark of the moon is still number one at the box office. now it is the highest grossing myvy of the year. so far it's brought in an estimated $261 million. the r-rated comedy horrible
2:41 pm
bosses opened this weekend in second place taking in more than $28 million. yesterday i talked to movie critic gray drake of she told us why she likes "horrible bosses." >> to me this movie was about a bunch of people who were punished for excelling in the workplace and had to manage a group of ungrateful workers who even plot to kill them. i'm sorry. i got all tea party there for a second. hot in the studio. no. the three main stars of the movie have such great chemistry that they're a lot of fun to watch. but collin ferrell looks hot with a tocomb over and pot bell. and jennifer aniston is putting the sexy back in sexual harassment. >> she's a brunette. >> she's like anthony wiener
2:42 pm
dbs. jamie foxx plays a character i can't even say without getting the sec all up in my business. >> what was your grade on this one? >> i give this one a hearty "a" because it is really fun to watch these guys make terrible decisions. >> you do not give "a"s easily. gray drake, she is bold all the time. voters in two states are headed to the ballot box this week. we'll tell you why. also ahead, a final rendezvous in space. the shuttle "atlantis" is at the international space station. today is the last day space shuttle "atlantis" will dock at the international space station. here's a little space station trivia for you. how many launches have there been to the international space station? we'll have an answer for you after this. i remember the days before copd.
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my son and i never missed opening day. but with copd making it hard to breathe,
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[♪...] >> male announcer: now, for a limited time, your companion flies free, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. conditions apply. okay. so before the break we asked for a little trivia, space trivia. how many launches have there been to the international space station? the answer, 103 launches. 67 of those were russian vehicles. 34 were american space shuttles. and there was one japanese and one european vehicle. the final rendezvous in
2:46 pm
space. the shuttle "atlantis" docked with the international space station. for the crew a big welcome aboard. here now is cnn's john zarrella. >> reporter: sunday was another historic day in space. the space shuttle "atlantis" docking with the international space station early sunday afternoon. and the astronauts were so far ahead of the time line in this docking maneuver that they were actually able to open the hatch about 30 minutes ahead of schedule. of course, another historic moment there. the last time that the space shuttle visiting the space station. the hatch opening, the six members of the international space station greeting the four astronauts as they got onboard the space station. so ten in all now onboard the space station and for the next several days, a lot of work to do. they will be transferring more than 7,000 pounds of equipment and supplies to stock up
2:47 pm
literally the pantry and the refrigerator on the space station so there'll be enough supplies to last the crews up there for a good year. now, what also happened earlier on sunday as the space shuttle "atlantis" was approaching and rendezvousing with the international space station, commander ferguson pitched over, literally pitched his space shuttle "at lant tis" over, flipped it over on its back so that the crew members onboard the station could use their cameras and image the belly of the space shuttle. the reason they wanted to do this was to make sure that there was no damage to any of the sensitive thermal tiles on the belly of the space shuttle as it was lifting off a couple of days ago from the kennedy space center. so, again, the space shuttle "atlantis" now firmly docked to the space station. the last time a shuttle will ever dock at the space station. john zarrella, cnn, at the
2:48 pm
kennedy space center in florida. now to the race for the white house. presidential candidates are on the move this week. here's cnn deputy political director paul steinhauser. >> a bunch of the presidential candidates will campaign this week in some of those crucial early voting states on the road to the white house. herman cain tomorrow kicks off his come pain in iowa. democrats are likely to hold on to that seat. the spotlight is also constant on tuesday. it was just a few months ago the protest over a controversial plan to strip public workers of rights rocked the capitol. we'll learn this week how much money president barack obama's re-election campaign has brought him since it started up in early april. sources say that number could be
2:49 pm
$60 million. friday is the deadline for all of the presidential campaigns to report their fundraising figures. fred? >> thanks so much, paul. appreciate that. for the latest political news you know exactly where to go. in case you need a little reminder there. another little reminder, a few minutes from now more of the newsroom with my colleague don lemon. what's ahead. >> on cnn. don't forget. watch it here on cnn. a lot coming up. we are really getting down to the wire and all eyes are going to be on the white house where president obama is meeting with congressional leaders at 6:00 p.m. republicans say no tax hikes. democrats say leave social security and medicare alone. we're talking about an august 2nd deadline here, fred, which is looming. coming up quickly. the best political team on television is going to weigh in on that including will cane and lz granderson. also, fred, more on the tragic story we have been reporting. out of arlington, texas.
2:50 pm
a baseball fan falls to his death. i talked to the man -- you see that white baseball cap? >> trying to grab him? >> the man sitting next to him who tried to grab him. >> the first instinct is reach out and grab him. i tried to grab him. i couldn't catch him. as he went by me i tried to it looked like in slow motion as he was going to the ground. nothing i could do but watch him fall. >> his son was right there, too. >> his 6-year-old son. i talk eed to him about that, t. we'll also talk to a sports anchor who lives in the area and he's going to discuss the safety implications of this, what, if anything, are the rangers doing or planning to do or major league baseball. people who are in charge of stadiums. we'll get to the bottom of that. also, you have to see this
2:51 pm
interview with this special person. do you understand that some people say things about that, they may be jealous. >> well, i feel that way, too. i feel the same way you speak in that way because some people are jealous of that kind of stuff. but, you can't be jealous of what god got for you. >> a legend in the art world wasn't discovered until he was 60 years old. you'll see the interview at 7:00. >> thanks so much, don lemon. a british tabloid folds after charges that it had the phones of politicians, celebrities and even a missing teenage girl. it is easier than you may think. we'll talk with an expert on hacking.
2:52 pm
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2:54 pm
stod's final edition of "news of the world" sold out quickly at many london newsstands. it has ended publication after 168 years amid public outrage over a phone hacking scandal. the owner, international media barren rupert murdoch arrived in london today to deal with the fallout. police are investigating charges that the "news of the world" hacked the phone of a missing teenager who later died. michael is a former computer hacker and a security expert. earlier today i asked him about phone hacking, a process known to insiders as freaking. >> well, there's a lot of tools
2:55 pm
that basically surround this industry. the freaking industry is a subdivision of hacking and they have various tools that will enable them to tap phones and receive messages. as phones become more sophisticated it is easier because of the blue tooth and various technologies that basically enable these phreakers to gain access to your phone. >> listen to the messages on a missing teenager's telephone and erase some of the calls on the phone to make room for new calls that would come in. can you kind of explain for us how they were able to do that. you say now it is much easier, but do you have to be, i guess, professional or really proficient at being able to do this? >> well, you need some expertise in phreaking. i am more on the hacking side where phreaking is a subdivision of hacking. they have a few various tools. all they need is the phone
2:56 pm
number and some tools that will basically grant them some access. some are sophisticated tools that aren't easy to obtain. it's not as hard as some people might think. you have to know which tools to use. >> let's talk about some very bizarre weather we're experiencing across the country as we get ready to go back to work, jacqui. we're talking about extremities. >> it's hot there and dangerous heat. brutal all weekend long and, unfortunately, this will just build the next couple days. excessive heat warnings are covering many states across the plains from des moines, iowa, stretching all the way down to shreveport, louisiana. this is many metropolitan areas that are going to be dealing with temperatures, according to your body, they're going to be feeling like 100 to 110 degrees. our affiliates, of course, are covering this big time. oklahoma city, you guys have had 100 degrees plus every single day in the month of july so far. people have been sending in their pictures to local affiliate. take a look at that. that is the cracked ground.
2:57 pm
they're saying it's 8 to 12 inches deep it's so dry and people are also sending in their pictures of their car thermometers. there's one that's 103 degrees. let's show you what's going on in kansas city under heat advisories here. that big warning on there and the salvation operation opening cooling centers. eight of them in kansas city to help people stay safe in these kind of conditions. we also have severe weather going on across parts of the upper midwest. we have been tracking a couple really nasty thunderstorms right along the north dakota and south dakota state lines. dickey county is under a tornado warning right now and storm spotters have seen a tornado near the town of oaks moving southeast at 40 miles per hour and also some spotty damage earlier into the ashley area and also a couple thunderstorms i might want to mention, fredricka in the las vegas area. i know, four corners getting kind of busy this time of year, too. one person injured from flying debris. be aware of that, as well, too. >> busy week and busy day ahead.
2:58 pm
i'm fredricka whitfield. much more of the "newsroom" straight ahead with don lemon. have a great week. can i have some ice cream, please ? no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is ! yeah, but i'm new, too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends better than old friends. at ally bank, we treat all our customers fairly, with no teaser rates and no minimum deposit to open. it's just the right thing to do.
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